Bayside Finance Group is a boutique mortgage and finance broker. We specialise in

Home Finance

Business Finance

Asset Finance


Ask us for a FREE Property Report on any property. Know how much it's worth.


Convert the Cash tied up in your existing assets into Working Capital. Funds available in days, not weeks. Independent of existing banking facilities.*

Whatever the type of loan, either for home or business, we do all the work for you. We find and compare the loans, negotiate with the Lenders, Lawyers and Estate Agents, Suppliers, etc so that the process of getting a loan for a house or for business finance is as worry free for you as possible.

We can offer you

  • 10+ years of experience in knowing where to place your loan so that it will have the best chance of being approved
  • Advice on home and investment property purchases, sourcing low cost mortgage finance, loan structuring, mortgage reduction strategies, and on-going debt management advice
  • For HOME BUYERS, a FREE Property Report on ANY property you own or are looking to purchase
  • FREE Guides to download for 1) First Home Buyers, 2) Buying and Selling a Property, 3) Refinancing a Property and 4) for Property Investors. See our "Helpful Hints!" Tab
  • Expertise in lending for clients in difficult personal circumstances, ie credit cards maxed out, bad credit history, banks said no, Sheriff knocking on the door, etc. We can assist in these cases.
  • For BUSINESSES, we have experience in knowing what lenders have a lending appetite for which class of asset and where to place the deal to ensure that it will be approved first time at the best possible rate
  • A high standard of customer service with a ‘can do” attitude
  • Rapid processing and professional management of your application and other documentation through to settlement
  • In summary, we offer  wide range of business and personal financial and solutions

We look forward to helping you get the finance you require.