Client Case Histories

Client Case Histories

These are some of the HOME OWNERS we've helped over the years:

Mark J, Langwarrin

Mark wanted purchase a property on the Peninsula. It was an unusual property in that it was part residential and part commercial and not many lenders would look at such a property because it would be difficult to re-sell. I was able to get mark a loan for the property and later on also refinanced the loan to help him expand his business.

Russell B, Malvern

Russell needed a loan for a specialised investment he was considering which not many lenders would consider because of the type of security it was. I managed to secure a loan at a very competitive rate and his investment is still paying dividends.

Garry C, Carrum

Garry had been locked out of his house by the Sherriff and was living with a family member. I was determined to get him back into the property and got Garry a new loan with a lender that ignored his past repayment history. I negotiated with the Sherriff to withdraw the Sale Notice and Garry moved back into his property within a few of weeks. He said to me “I’ll never let myself get into that situation again!”

Chris & Sue F, Langwarrin

This couple were behind in their loan payments and had incurred a number of credit card defaults because the husband had suffered a number of serious injuries at work and had considerable time off. They had given their case to another broker and in 6 months he had done nothing about it! Their bank had commenced Enforcement Action to sell their property. I was able to get them a loan through another lender and I was also able to get their external non–mortgage debt down from $83,000 to $37,000. I think they’re happy!

Robyn C, Glen Iris

Robyn had been renting for a number of years although she did own a property years ago. She was an older borrower and not many lenders would consider her because of her age. I managed to find a lender that would take her on and she is still happily living in her new home.

Robyn H, Port Melbourne

Robyn wanted to buy an Investment Property. She found a suitable property but the vendor needed a very quick settlement. I was able to get her application approved and the loan settled in under 30 days! I think she appreciated this and her Vendor was happy too.

These are some of the BUSINESS CLIENTS we've helped over the years:

Company A, Bunbury WA

This client wanted a large number of new computers and printers for a film shoot that was starting in a couple of days. The client had already applied to another finance company but they had not been able to look at his application. We emailed the client an application which he completed and emailed back. The application was approved in 24 hours and the documents were emailed to the client. He signed them and drove from Bunbury to Perth to ensure the documents made the Express Post deadline that day. The documents arrived the next day and we paid his supplier, the computers were delivered and the client was able to commence shooting the movie all before the other finance company had even contacted him!

Partnership B, Hunter Valley

This client wanted to finance a horse float through his business to transport his horses to race meetings in his area. Not too many lenders would classify this asset as a “business” asset but we found a lender who would. The lender wanted to satisfy himself as to some aspects of the client’s business so he drove from Sydney to the Hunter Valley on a Saturday and spoke to the client after he had closed his shop for the day. The lender was satisfied and the deal was approved on a Saturday! The client was very happy with the deal and the extra effort put in by the lender!

Company C, Reservoir

This client wanted to purchase a large bin truck with lifting gear and some new bins for his business. We got the deal approved but there was a shortage of some parts for the lifting gear for the truck and there was a delay in getting the vehicle ready for delivery. The bins were ready and the client wanted to pay the bin supplier and then pay for the truck when it was ready a few weeks later. The lender agreed to this and this bins were paid for and delivered. The truck followed a few weeks later and the deal was finalised when the truck was delivered. The client appreciated the lender's flexibility with the settlement.